Monday, November 2, 2009

The Hearts of VentigeSoul: Molly and Yadiyda

At midnight on many nights, when lots of folks are asleep, the owners of VentigeSoul, Molly Jones and Yadiyda Oppong, are burning the midnight oil. You’ll likely find them in the sewing room at Yadiyda’s home, but they might not be sewing the whole time. They might be in a meeting. Or, they could possibly be on the phone with clients who want to talk during the early hours of the morning. Chances are just as likely that you might find them singing to the Reggae music they both adore.
But singing, talking on the phone or having meetings are just the tips of the iceberg, for what these talented women really do is create fabulous fashions to be worn by their many clients during an evening out, while going to the movies or shopping, or just to hanging out with friends or family. For the shared passion of Molly and Yadiyda is to help women, men and children feel good about they way they are dressed. Set design
Molly had the Indie Arie cover photo on Upscale Magazine pinned to her wall and thought the clothing on Arie was wonderful. She didn’t know it was Yadiyda who had designed Arie’s outfit.
She met Yadiyda at a Jada Kiss video shoot. There was an instant connection.
Yadiyda said. “She was bubbly and easy to like. We got on right away, as if we’d been friends forever.”
“I had been approached by many different people to sell my clothes, but I chose Molly, who started selling my handmade fashions in her store, VentigeSoul, which was located in Atlanta’s famed Little Five Points district,” said Yadiyda. .
After about a year, Molly and Yadiyda decided to go into business together. They had built a great relationship of trust by that time. Yadiyda taught Molly how to make one shirt, which wound up selling like hotcakes. “She also taught me how to sew better, how to communicate more efficiently, and how to wear heels,” said Molly with a twinkle in her eyes.
Molly taught Yadiyda how to be less shy and to be more understanding. “She also taught me how to carry a purse, which I never used to do,” laughs Yadiyda.
Molly was born in Florida and brought up in California. She graduated from the College of Alameda in California with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. “I’ve loved fashion ever since I can remember. I used to dress up all the neighborhood kids in my grandma’s clothes. When I got back-to-school clothes money, I knew what was going to be in style. I would get teased at school, but a month later all the girls started wearing what I was already wearing. Later, all my friends used to ask me for advice on dressing.”
“I decided I wanted to be a stylist and moved to Atlanta because the music industry was good here. A friend taught me how to make jean skirts and I started to make them for local celebrities,” said Molly.
Yadiyda was born in Ghana and brought up in London. Yadiyda studied and trained in fashion design and embroidery at London College of Fashion and was trained in clothing design and construction at Hounslow College of London. “My mom was my inspiration. She was singing and touring London and making her own costumes.
I got into design about 16 years ago,” she said. “Due to my body shape of a small waist and a large behind, I ended up making my own clothes and going into fashion.”
Perhaps the most telling thing about these VentigeSoul ladies is how they feel about fashion. “Clothing expresses the way people feel about themselves,” said Molly.
People often under-express themselves because of a lack of confidence. Many people wear clothes that are too big. When you feel good wearing it, clothing brings out self-confidence. Most people need to be shown how to dress, because they don’t know how to dress themselves.”
Yadiyda’s feelings about fashion are also strong. “Clothes are an expression of your mood, and, in the same way, clothes can affect your mood. I act the same way a painter does. My canvas is the human body.”
Molly is in charge of marketing now, and Yadiyda does the designing and “is a tailor who makes the clothes with exquisite attention to detail,” said Molly.
Molly loves making the connections and marketing the company’s services. “I’m a people person and have much experience selling. So taking that experience and using it for our company is a natural for me.”
“I put a tiny segment of myself into all the garments I make,” said Yadiyda. “My fashion styles would be described as a little Gothic, a little hard rock, and a little British schoolgirl.”
Now VentigeSoul is ready for the next phase of making people feel good about themselves through the clothing they wear.
One of the most important aspects about marketing a brand is that you have to be the brand every day, not just sometimes, not just at a fashion show – every day is a runway.
Molly and Yadiyda eat, breathe, dress and speak VentigeSoul. They are beautiful women, and it is their passion and mission to bring this mind, state and aura of beauty to the masses.
Mission Statement: To bring the soul of every person out through the clothing they wear and to promote positive self-image regardless of age, race or size. LOVE yourself. Put your SOUL in everything you do. You are BEAUTIFUL..

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