Thursday, November 19, 2009


Recently I fan across and old friend, well a guy I used to date. He told me "Molly, your still the same" I said "really? How?" He replied "your still focused and you taught me so much about reaching for my goals" WOW. Its funny, because I never knew that he felt that way back then. I don't always feel focused and often I get off track. I do know that it was nice hearing that I touched someones life who had a great impact on mine.
I do know that I have kept this fashion dream alive in my mind and heart and soul for like 9 years. It takes a little longer when your two woman doing by yourselves, as single mothers. You run into a few more obstacles. I am grateful for this journey and who I am becoming and have become. It is important to tell people what they mean to you. I know I am blessed to have a business partner and a best friend that lets me fall but never lets go of my hand and always helps me get back up. I am a better person because of knowing Yadiyda and she is for sure a breathe of fresh air in a world of pollution. As for my old friend....he was one of those spirits that stays with you and motivates even if not in your presence. I even named my sewing machine after him..LOLOL!!! He never even knew until this week and I have not even spoken or seen him in like 10 years. So that was a great force of motivation, and I hope I can continue to touch peoples lives for many more years. In my most unfocused moments, I will remember that conversation and REFOCUS..

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